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Dear babies (children) in 2018 we prepared the new thematic arrivals for you.
As in previous years you can practice 10 Dance Directions in each race, but more hours of the master classes we will focus on dance directions which will be combine in one theme.
"Folk dance" - dances of Ukrainian regions, afro jazz, and a surprise that will be announced later.
"Ballet internship" - classical dance, modern, contemporaries + new performance + All-Ukrainian Dance Festival "Phoenix".  
"Modern dance" - modern dance, contemporaries, improvisation.
"Street dance" - break-dance, hip-hop, jazz-funk, house.
We create groups for children with different levels of skills and for beginners but each of you will be  interest.
The rest is full of dance classes, diverse games, outing excursions, etc.

Summer Dance Camp "BALLET - DANCE" 

Ballet Intership "BALLET - DANCE"


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