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The Ballet-Fest Choreography Competition was created in 2015. At the initiative of the ballet actors of the Lviv National Opera.
The contest aims to support talent and promote the development of young choreographers.
Major changes in structure
Fourth International Ballet Fest Competition 2018
Henceforth, participation in the competition will be possible not only by individual choreographers, but also by ballet troupes of theaters, special and higher educational establishments, professional dance groups.
Separate choreographers - the stage producers will continue to cooperate with the artists of the ballet of the Lviv Opera in order to create their own works, and on the other hand, institutions with their own choreographic base will be able to prepare their performances in advance and bring them to the battle of choreographers in the Lviv Opera.
The timeframes have also changed and the participants will be able to present performances in the range of 3 to 15 minutes.
The Organizing Committee chooses a new theme for choreographer works each year, the next year, participants will have to present one choreographic composition on the theme Grotesque, the second number will give the opportunity to freely show the director their imaginations and show the actual problems that the choreographer would like to share with the audience.
Recall that the competition is held in one of the most beautiful theaters in Eastern Europe
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