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The set is held in preparatory from 3 years and in the basic (1-5) classes of school.
We provide comprehensive dance education.
The program includes over 12 dance courses and special subjects. Teachers - ballet dancers of the Lviv Opera and specialists of modern dance areas.

Subjects included in the curriculum:
Contemporaries dance
Classic dance
Modern Dance
Actor ballet art
Jazz Funk
Flay yoga

Basic styles
Classical dance, contemporaries of dance, additional courses change every semester.
Study of directions - Historical dance, Ballroom dance, Break dance, Dance laboratory, History of ballet takes place in the form of intensities in the summer dance camps Ballet - Dance.
 The curriculum is divided by years of study. Items change every 4 months. The above list corresponds to the full program of the school for all years of study (3 preparatory and 5 basic classes)
In school, every year, educational performances are created, at the end of the initial year a concert is held, schoolchildren successfully participate in choreographic festivals and contests.

Teaching Staff
Existing Ballet Artists of the Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theater, specialists in contemporary dance areas.

National Organization of the "Art Guild of Ballet" and Dance Theater MADRIN

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